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Sunday, 4 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 4: through Glen Urquhart to Drumnadrochit (7)

I didn't take many photos along the trail (what would have been the point? They'd all have looked about the same!) - but here is one that I did take, looking back along the trail. As I say, it was good going ... but a little dull. All that was about to change, however ...

On the map, the way we were to take was perfectly clear. Follow the track round a long sweeping right-hand curve, then take a path off to the left and down to the back end of Lewiston, then into Drum (or not, in fact, in my case - as I had a room for the night at the Loch Ness Inn in Lewsiton). The problem was, the paths didn't actually do what is shown on the map! Or they might ... but if they do, we didn't find the right paths!

What we DID find, however, was a path junction with a great big sign pointing off to the left and saying "Drumnadrochit". This didn't look like the path junction on the map, but it did look like a newly built path. So we thought "how kind of them - they've built a new path to make our lives easier". And so we followed that sign.

The signposted path went down, and down, and down. Quite steeply down, in fact, and we had to take care in the descent. And as it descended, it seemed to swing away from Drumnadrochit, not towards it. And then we came to a junction where there were no signs at all to indicate which way we should go for Drumnadrochit. I suppose we could have taken a GPS fix, and taken the bearings of the paths, and used that to make a (semi-) intelligent guess. But we opted for the straightforward option - downhill. Wes this a wise choice, or a poor choice? I don't really know! What I do know is that we ended up on a path which seemed to lead us allround the houses (well, OK, trees) and back uphill again and allsorts (not, alas, liquorice) until we finally found a way down to the road below the fort, and we followed this to the main road. At the main road junction Alan turned left, and I turned right. So we wished one another well for the rest of the crossing, and went our separate ways.

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