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Saturday, 31 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 5: Drumnadrochit to Dalbeg (6)

We waved Gordon Menzies goodbye, and he returned to Drumnadrochit for the next load of Challengers. We turned inland, and the first port of call was the visitor centre with its very acceptable public toilets; then we headed up through the Pass of Inverfarigaig.

According to my route card, I was supposed to turn right onto the Gleann Liath road; but Louise and the Keohanes were heading up to Errogie, and so I decided to stick with them and turn right there. As we passed Ault-na-goire, we met some Challengers who had taken the late afternoon boat the day before and spent the night there. They were full of tales of venison stew the night before, and a wonderful cooked breakfast this morning. Compared to my donner and chips in the Drum takeaway, and cereal with powdered goat's milk sitting in the rain at Temple Pier, I think they had definitely found the better alternative. On the other hand, though, nobody MADE me have donner and chips for supper ... I COULD have walked straight on by and had a much better supper at the Loch Ness Inn. And booking onto an afternoon boat means guaranteeing that you'll be there in time to catch it ... which might have been an interesting challenge, given the fun and games that Alan and I had had coming down through the woods into Drumnadrochit. All things considered, therefore, I think that the morning boat, which gives you the freedom to arrive in Drum as late as you like (or circumstances dictate) has much to be said for it.

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