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Saturday, 31 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 5: Drumnadrochit to Dalbeg (19)

I pitched my tent and sorted my gear out. My rucksack was wet; but I wanted to keep my down sleeping bag dry. Not the easiest of tasks, when you have a three-quarters length sleep mat, and rest your feet on your rucksack to keep them off the ground at night. Still, I had learned the lesson of Glensulaig in 2013, and I took care to put my rucksack inside my survival bag. Once everything was sorted out, I admired the well-organized interior of my tent, and only then did I realize that my food was still in my rucksack, which was now inside my survival bag! I briefly contemplated the task of undoing all of that careful organization to get to my food, and then re-doing it all. And then I just thought, nah! I didn't feel all that hungry anyway. So I changed into some dry clothes (which I had taken out of my rucksack before putting it into the survival bag), took the compeeds off my feet to allow the air to get to them, and lay on top of my sleeping bag listening to the rain beating down against my tent. When I felt ready for sleep, I just slid into my sleeping bag, and was out like a light in next to no time.

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