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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The 2015 Chellange, day 3: Mullardoch to Tomich (6)

I ordered my lunch from the Specials board - always a good idea in the Highlands, because whatever is on the Specials board will be fresh, local, and better than anything you will be able to buy down South (because the local chefs buy all the best bits, leaving the rest to be shipped down to England). On this occasion, the Specials board included trout - and what an impressive looking brown trout I got for my money! It was absolutely delicious, and I drank a couple of pints of cider with it. Or was it three? Or maybe four? You know what - I really can't remember.

I only had another five kilometres or so to walk today, and it was raining, so I really wasn't in any hurry to leave the warm embrace of the Slater's Arms. But eventually, at 2.30, I figured I ought to hit the road once more. SO I put my waterproofs back on, and stepped out into the weather ...

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