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Saturday, 31 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 5: Drumnadrochit to Dalbeg (13)

At NH 608152 there is a hut, called the Diamond Jubilee Hut. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was unlocked (although it evidently can be locked) so I went in and rested a while. The hut is weatherproof, and is evidently intended for estate use. The windows look out over the grouse moor. There is a long table and benches running up the centre of the hut. At the farther end from the door there is an oil-burning stove, with clothes hangars on a rail above it. The floor was of concrete, and was crumbling a bit in places. It would make an admirable improvised bothy if needs be; and even if not needed for these purposes, it offered an excellent opportunity to get out of the weather for a bit. I was well ahead of schedule, so I spent a while in the hut examining my maps. I figured that if I pressed on from my planned wild camp to Dalbeg, then tomorrow I'd also be able to go beyond my planned wild camp, and make it down to Red Bothy on the River Dulnain. That would be welcome, to say the least. And if I was really lucky, well, who knows? Would it be too much to hope that Dalbeg might turn out to be a bothy, too?

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