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Sunday, 4 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 4: through Glen Urquhart to Drumnadrochit (8)

I walked through Drumnadrochit in heavy rain. So heavy, in fact, that anyone would think RunRig were in town. At 5 to 6 I was trudging past the Drum Takeaway, and I was seized by a sudden urge to have a can of Irn Bru. So I went in and bought one. Well, I tried to have just one ... but I ended up having two. And the smell of the donner cooking was so enticing that I just had to order some donner and chips. That would keep me going until supper, I thought. Only ... they didn't ask if I wanted large or small donner. They just served large. And so I stood in the Drum takeaway eating my donner and chips and drinking my Irn Bru (so I guess they should have accounted for VAT on that sale ... except I guess their VATable turnover would still be below the threshold, so they should be OK) and by the time I stepped out to walk the last half kilometer or so to my hotel, I really didn't feel like having anything else for supper.

On reaching the Loch Ness Inn (pictured) I was shown to my room, and I phoned Gordon Menzies to confirm my place on the boat for tomorrow. I spoke to his wife, who told me to be there for the 8 o'clock boat. Curses! I had been hoping for the second boat of the day, not the first, as I was hoping to have a decent breakfast first. Oh well !

I then phoned Challenge Control, and asked what the weather forecast was looking like. They said not good for tomorrow, but getting better thereafter. That was sounding promising. My main concern was whether the weather would be good enough for tackling the Lairig Ghru, or whether I was going to be linking the Feshie and the Geldie yet again!

I examined my feet. I had some small blisters under my toes, and a little bit of raw skin on top of a couple of my toes, but nothing too bad. This was OK. I hung all my wet things to dry, booked a 6 a.m. alarm call for the following day, and then went and paid a short visit to the bar. Before turning in for the night I paid my bill, and told them that I would be away before breakfast.

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