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Saturday, 3 October 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 3: Mullardoch to Tomich (7)

As I trudged the road from Cannich to Tomich, I passed some Challengers going the other way - it being one of those roads which so delight me, where perfectly legitimate Challegne routes may traverse them in either direction. Their route may be thought to be the more natural, since they were heading North East whereas I was heading South West. But the difficulty with arriving in Cannich from the South West, as it seems to me, is that you run out of places to go which don't involve walking on a main A road, unless you take the back road up the Western edge of Eskdale Moor; and as we all know, there are current and ongoing access difficulties with Eskdale Moor, the owners of which seem to think that the Land Reform (Scotland) Act does not apply to their little bit of it Scotland ...

At the junction with the road coming out of Glen Affric, I met JJ. He, like me, was on his tenth crossing; so we naturally stopped for a bit of a blether and to share a nip from my hip flask, and to take one another's photographs. I was rather tickled by the banner in the background, which will I am sure strike a chord with many Challengers. Then we both continued on our respective and differing ways - he to Cannich, I to Tomich.

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