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Sunday, 1 November 2015

The 2015 Challenge, day 6: Dalbeg to Red Bothy (1)

Despite having had nothing to eat the night before, I didn't feel too puckish when I woke up; so I breakfasted on a single "9 Bar" and then struck camp. I was the last person away from Dalbeg, and I was to spend the whole day walking by myself.

My route followed the River Findhorn down for nine kilometres. I could have turned off after three, crossed the bridge shown in the picture, and followed the track up the Elrick Burn; but for some reason, when I was planning my route, I had chosen instead to go via Goignafeuinternich. I think this may have been something to do with delaying to the last possible moment the decision whether to take my main route or my FWA: if the morning dawned dull and miserable it would have given it an extra 6 kilometres (i.e. an extra hour and a half to two hours) in which to clear up before I had to say "Ah sod it - I'm staying low today!) So I passed by this bridge, and carried on to the next one.

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