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Monday, 26 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 1: Mulling It Over (6)

The path looked fine when it entered the trees, and I was not too concerned. However, it continues through the wood for some two kilometres, and a lot can happen in two kilometres! First, I came to some fallen trees which blocked the path, and finding a way over, under, through or around them was not all that easy. Then I found a bit where the path got a bit boggy. And then a LOT boggy ... and I found myself sinking in beyond my knees. There were several more such bits before I got to the end of the woods; but I quickly got savvy to the fact that wherever this happened, I should look out for evidence of faint tracks heading up into the trees to the right of the main track and then parallel to it. By following these, I was able to avoid getting too seriously muddied up.

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