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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge: Getting to the Start (5)

The Kilchoan hotel was the start point, and I had booked a room ... so I settled in, had some supper (rabbit terrine followed by scallops), and then spent a pleasant evening drinking in the bar. Cider ... whisky ... Drambuie ... it was a pleasant evening. And everyone was interested in knowing my views on Scottish independence. This was a question which I was to be asked many times during the course of this year's Challenge. My answer was always the same, so I shall note it here and then be done with it. I am a great believer in the Union and I believe it has brought many benefits to all of the countries involved. However, Union is not something that I think can, or should, be forced on a people against their will. So if the people of Scotland wish to leave the Union, then I shall be sorry to see them go; but I shall nevertheless wish them well.

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