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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge: Getting to the Start (1)

I went to work on Wednesday 7 May in my walking clothes, and carrying my rucksack. My desk was finally clear at about 7pm, so I headed up to the Bree Louise, where there was already a good gathering of Challengers. I had myself an excellent chicken and bacon salad to eat, and I had a pint bought for me by the grateful couple whom we had given a lift from Grantham after the 2011 Challenge. I may have had a pint or two besides ... but I really cannot recall such details.

Eventually the time came to make our way to Euston, and the Highlander whisked us Northwards through the night. In the morning, I sat in the day carriage as we crossed Rannoch Moor. A certain Mr Sloman sat across from me. I had my new waterproof camera to play with, and I needed to get the hang of using it, so having nothing better to do I took a picture ...

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