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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 4: One Munro but no Mamore (1)

Monday 12 May was a big day. After three days of largely level walking (with ever increasing daily distances) I was well walked-in, and ready to start going high. And today, the plan was to go high with a vengeance! It was, in fact, the route that I was supposed to be taking on the third day of my 2012 Challenge (the day that I actually spent walking from Oban bothy through Glen Pean to Strathan ... as recounted elsewhere in this blog!). The idea was to cross the Corran Narrows on the ferry, head up Gleann Righ to Lundavra, turn left onto the West Highland Way at Blar a Chaorainn, then point myself up the ridge to Meall a' Chaorainn, over Stob Ban, and camp by the little lochan just west of Sgurr an Iubhair, with an evening out-and-back jaunt to Sgurr a' Mhaim if I felt like it. Three Munros, with a further six to be attempted the following day, if the weather was kind to me.

I collected my laundry and had a very pleasant breakfast of smoked haddock - the most perfectly filleted haddock I have ever eaten. Then I packed my rucksack, paid my bill, and at 9.30 I strolled out of the hotel and straight onto the Corran Ferry. I believe that this, the third ferry crossing of my Challenge, probably set a new TGO Challenge record. For it is very easy to walk a route with two ferry crossings; but three ferry crossings can only really be achieved by going onto Mull, and off again North of the Great Glen. I doubt this has been done before.

The Corran ferry also has the very great attraction that it is free for foot passengers!

The picture shows the Corran lighthouse, viewed from the ferry.

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