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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge: Getting to the Start (4)

In due course, our bus arrived. There were a couple of other Challengers also travelling on it, as it served Acharacle as well as Kilchoan. The route took us out of Fort William along the shores of the loch to Corran, then by way of the Corran Ferry across to Ardgour. Then it was on to Strontian and Acharacle ... where the bus developed a clutch problem and obstinately refused to move any further. All was not lost, however, as our resourceful bus driver called the garage on her mobile telephone, and they rustled up a convoy of two further, smaller buses (diverted from the school run) to take us and our luggage on to the Ardnamurchan peninsula. And despite these problems, we were only five minutes late arriving at Kilchoan (some very generous timetabling going on there, evidently ... )

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