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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 5: Down (but not out) to Kinlochleven (8)

It was still early afternoon as I began to descend, with the Allt Nathrach below me to my right. I toyed briefly with the idea of reascending and ticking off a few more Munros - there was time and daylight aplenty for that - but I was a little concerned by the twinges in my left knee. I had given it one hard descent today, and I was in no great hurry to give it another. So I decided that I would just press on for Kinlochleven and enjoy an early arrival at my hotel, with all that that implied.

The descent is long and tedious, and it is surprising how long it takes before Kinlochleven comes into view. But eventually I could see the town spread out below me at the head of the loch, and what a wonderful sight it was!

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