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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 4: One Munro but no Mamore (4)

As we followed the track, we came to this notice on a gate, which we both found equally entertaining and both felt we just HAD to photograph! A bit later we saw some sheep with impressive horns, and Bernie took a really stunning photograph of the ram's head. I assisted by whistling to attract its attention, so that it looked our way while Bernie was working his magic with the camera. I have to say he really is an accomplished photographer, and he took a photograph which was far superior to anything I could have achieved.

The track up Gleann Righ is well made, and progress was good. It is not, however, a natural track. It doesn't follow the landforms in any meaningful way, and it is a rather depressing track to walk in consequence. It is artificial, and you feel separated from the land rather than part of it. Bernie and I both remarked upon this.

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