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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 2: Loch Aline and Gleann Dubh (4)

The track up Gleann Dubh was easy going, and I made good progress. The bridge over the Black Water (pictured) was substantial and firm. However, soon after I crossed the bridge it began to rain and my thoughts turned to Crosben cottage. Day 3 was supposed to be a 35km day. Stopping short at Crosben would turn it into a 40km monster. On the other hand, two separate people had told me that Gleann Dubh was not a good place to camp; and camping in not a good place, in the rain, is no fun at all. In the end, therefore, I decided on a compromise. I would sit out the rain at Crosben and have my supper there. If the weather didn't improve as the evening progressed, then I would spend the night there. If it did, then I would make a decision on whether or not to push on up the glen once the rain had stopped.

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