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Sunday, 25 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge: Getting to the Start (2)

We arrived in Fort William, and I wandered across to the bus station to check the time of the Shiel Buses service to Kilchoan. The relevant bus timetable wasn't on display, however, which was a little irksome to say the least. Nor was there any information as to the bus stand from which it would depart. Eventually, however, I was able to obtain a bus timetable from the Caledonian MacBrayne office (which confirmed, as I had believed to be the case, that the bus did not depart until early afternoon and I had a considerable amount of time to kill in Fort William). They were also able to tell me which stand it would depart from.

Having established the bus arrangements, I had a very nice breakfast in the station café (because the breakfasts provided on the Sleeper are not exactly either gluten-free or dairy-free) and then went for a stroll around Fort William. I had brought suncream this year, but not Skin-So-Soft. The forecast was for midges in abundance, so I took the opportunity to acquire some Skin-So-Soft and add it to my kit. I then told a first timer who was also waiting for onward transport (to either Acharacle, or Lochaillort, or Morar or Mallaig ... I cannot now remember which) about this prudent precaution, and he went off in search of some anti-midge of his own.

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