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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 4: One Munro but no Mamore (3)

Leaving the Corran Ferry behind, I headed up to the main road and turned right. I only had to walk about a kilometer on this road, and it wasn't too bad; and then I turned up the quiet little road to Inchree. Quieter still, there was a lovely little woodland path beside the stream, which cut the corner of the little kink in the road at NN 024631, and I followed this path (pictured). Then, after the activity centre, I followed the made up path which led up Gleann Righ.

I had not been on this track long when I caught up with Bernie Clark, another Kilchoan starter who had followed a mainland route rather than crossing to Mull as I had done. He too was heading for Lundavra, with the intention of turning right onto the West Highland Way and following it into Kinlochleven. I told him that was my FWA, and would leave me cooling my heels in Kinlochleven for a day, but that our routes coincided as far as Blar a' Chaorainn. I therefore asked if he would mind some company for that part of the way. Bernie was initially worried that he would be slowing me down; but I managed to persuade him that I NEEDED slowing down sometimes, and so we walked in company for the next few hours.

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