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Monday, 14 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 10: The Well-Trod Trail to Braemar (2)

Jean and I pushed on a little ahead of the D of E group, so by the time we were at the Geldie they were far enough behind that I was able to change into my shorts for the river crossing without alarming them. Jean simply rolled up her trousers a little; and by picking her way carefully that was all that was needed. At no point was the water deeper than mid-calf to either of us.

Having arrived at the north bank, we spent a little while dring our feet and preparing to continue. By this time the D of E group were fording, so I decided to stay in my shorts for now. (Had it be throwing rain down at us, or threatening to do so, then I may have gone to the ruined building to change back into my normal walking trousers; but it was doing neither of those things.) I dug out a packet of energy beans and shared them with Jean and the D of E group - who had evidently never been warned not to take sweets from strange men - and they were most gratefully received. Then we set off along the trail for White Bridge and Linn of Dee, with the D of E group quickly outpacing us two oldies. We didn't mind that at all. They probably had a long journey home once they got to Linn of Dee, to parents who were anxiously waiting as they were already 12 hours overdue. We simply had an easy stroll into Braemar.

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