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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 12: Over to Clova (14)

We reached the Clova hotel, and I checked in. I rang Challenge Control to confirm safe arrival, and Ally confirmed (as if it was necessary) that because I had not gone back and walked the section of road that I had travelled by car after my glissade, this would not be counted as a crossing even if I continued all the way to the coast.

That was fine. My wife was coming up to join me at Cortachy House the following evening, and if there was no point in my spending the following two days tramping the roads to the East coast, we could have an extra two days' holiday together in the Angus Glens. I'd need to make the necessary arrangements with Heather (she thought she was getting just Kathy for a couple of nights ... ) but that would not be a problem.

And so I had a bath and dinner, and went to bed. I may have had a drink or two in the bar, as well, at some point.

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