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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 12: Over to Clova (6)

I passed the flank of Cairn an t-Sagairt Mor, and then aimed off towards Fafernie. As I did so, the cloud closed in around me and visibility was quickly down to no more than 20 - 50 metres. I wasn't too concerned, though, for despite my lack of map I knew that all I needed to do was head broadly South East, stay on the high ground, and avoid drifting too far to the right (because that way lay the rocky cliffs of Creag Leachdach, and danger).

Before long I encountered a cairn, and could see clear to the next cairn in what was, clearly, a marked trail across the plateau. So I followed the line of cairns, as they were substantially built and clearly meant business, and were heading in the right general direction.

After a while, though, they led me to a little rocky mount; and this bothered me a little because I wasn't SUPPOSED to come to any little rocky mounds. There were no rocky mounds at all on Fafernie or the Knaps of Fafernie. So if I was at a little rocky mount, I wasn't on Fafernie or Knaps of Fafernie (deductive reasoning always WAS one of my strong points) ... so where the deuce WAS I??

I decided to climb to the top of the little rocky mound (as there was, after all, a path which invited me to go that way), and then get out my GPS to see if it could shed any light on the problem. It had, after all, got nice fresh batteries in it.

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