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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 7: Came Ye by Killiecrankie - oh? (1)

The weather that greeted me as I resumed my 2016 Challenge was not welcoming at all. In fact, I spent the entire day in my waterproofs. In a way this was welcome, as it meant I didn't have to take any difficult decisions about whether to go high or stay low. My "official" route went high - over two Corbetts to the South of Loch Tummel - but the cloud base was such that there was never any real possibility that I was going to be tackling that. It was FWA weather, and just as well. Today was just about getting a day's walking under my belt. I would need to get back up into the hills again before heading home, that much was for sure ... but today was not the day to be worrying about things like that.

And so I traded my surplus batteries for some matches with the hotel, enjoyed a breakfast of ham and eggs, and hit the road at about 8.30. When the rain's coming down you don't tend to hang about, but even so I surprised myself by the progress that I made. Even with a brief stop at Keltneyburn to take a photograph of the rather fine memorial there, I found that I managed to cover 5km in my first hour's walking, which took me to the junction with the B846. I stopped for a breather and a quick glug, and then headed North towards Loch Tummel.

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