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Monday, 14 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 11: Once More Into the Hills (14)

Colin and I sat together at the summit awhile, passing the time of day, as one does. Colin had vetted a couple of my routes and was interested in hearing what I was doing this year. His own target for today was a high level wild camp below the summit of Tolmount - which sounded idyllic, so long as the weather held. But with the clouds gathering ominously, this was looking increasingly unlikely. Unfortunately, the same held true for my intended high level camp between Glas Maol and Little Glas Maol - and didn't I just know it!

We turned to look towards Glas Maol, and followed the erratic zigzagging progress of a couple of hill walkers who seemed to be heading our way but by the most peculiar of routes. Why didn't they just lift their heads, look at the peak they were heading for, and head for it? Colin opined that they could not possibly be fellow Challengers, and with that we both hefted our packs and headed off in opposite directions.

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