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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 12: Over to Clova (1)

I got up the next morning and had some Ambronite for breakfast, and tried to figure out the best way of getting to Clova. The think was, no matter how I tried to turn the problem, I remained convinced that there was a serious risk of being stranded overnight somewhere like Kirriemuir, having to take alternative accommodation, yet still end up having to pay for a room in the Clova Hotel which I wasn't going to use. And that seemed sill, because I was still walking fit, and I knew that Clova was only a day's walk away. So why didn't I just do what I'd come here to do, and walk to Clova?

It was obvious, really. So obvious that I couldn't think why I hadn't thought of it the night before. So I texted Challenge control to say that I WAS going to walk to Clova today after all, then re-jettisoned all my surplus food, and left the Youth Hostel at about 5 to 9. The road south from Braemar into Glen Clunie looked strangely familiar, as I tramped it for the second time this crossing ...

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