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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 8: All the Way to Blair (1)

After a good night's sleep I had a breakfast of fruit juice, grapefruit and two kippers, and then returned to my room to prepare for a short day's walking. Having finished my necessary preparations, however, I went to unbolt the toilet door ... and the bolt head sheared and came off in my hand, leaving the toilet door resolutely locked!

I remembered how, as a child, I had irritated my older brother by singing "Oh dear! What can the matter be? Simon's got locked in the lavatory! He's been there from Friday to Saturday - nobody knows he's there". Well, I was sure that my incarceration wouldn't last quite that long, as somebody was BOUND to be in to open the curtains and check on the towels sooner than that. But all the same, I'd sooner effect my own escape. Which I did manage to do ... with a little ingenuity.

I compeeded my feet, but it still felt as if I was walking on marbles, so I was very glad that I should only be doing a short day's walking today. I settled my account with the hotel, and took the old bridge across the Garry which serves the road on the South side of the river. Nowadays that road's principal purpose is carrying commercial traffic to and from the quarry at Creag Odhar. There wasn't all that much of this, so the road was very quiet and pleasant walking.

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