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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 9: Right Up Yer Tilt! (1)

Yes, I KNOW I've called a day "Right up Yer Tilt!" once before on this blog - but get over it! It's the same route up the same glen, so what do you expect?? Get over it!

I slept through the night with NO DREAMS. It was the first night since the glissade that I had ... so my head and emotions were clearly starting to sort themselves out at last. I was grateful for that.

I was in no hurry to get away. The first train back to Blair wasn't until 10.53,  so I took the time to sort out my kit, throw out any rubbish, abandon any surplus food, and give the coins that I didn't want to carry all the way to the East coast with me into Ron's care for safekeeping. Then I had a breakfast of bacon and tomatoes, and headed up to the station.

As I sat in the train I texted Challenge control to say that I was resuming walking, and what my plans were if the Geldie Burn proved unfordable. This was looking quite likely, as the Drumochter burns all looked pretty full of water as the train sped past them. In Blair Atholl, too, it looked as though there was a lot of water about. Even the little footbridge outside the old post office was practically awash, and I have never seen that before!!

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