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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 7: Came Ye by Killiecrankie - oh? (12)

The footbridge over the Garry was out - another testament to the rivers' other character - so I had to use the road bridge to cross. There were diversion signs for pedestrians in place, which took me away from the A9 but not to the old A9. Oh no! They took me down to the "old old A9" ... that original road which had been taken out of commission when the road which we now know as the "old A9" was built. THIS was the original motor road through the Pass of Killiecrankie ... hardly wide enough for a single Austin 7 (definition of a gentleman ... a man who can put an Austin 7 into reverse without getting his face slapped) never mind for two of them to pass ... let alone two larger vehicles. It is completely closed to motor traffic now, but the asphalt is still in good condition and it made for pleasant walking ... save for the fact that after a long day on tarmac, without really stopping to cool my feet due to the unpleasantness of the weather, I was starting to rub a blister on my left sole, just behind my toes.

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