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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 8: All the Way to Blair (9)

I hurried back to the station just in time for my train, only to find that I had misread the timetable and it didn't stop in Dalwhinnie! I could wait two and a half hours for a train that did; or I could catch this one, get off at Aviemore, and kill two and a half hours there instead.

The choice was pretty obvious - I caught the train to Aviemore, where I was able to take this photo of snow on the Cairngorms from the station footbridge.

After cooling my heels in Aviemore (it was pleasant enough, with plenty of bright sunshine) I caught my train to Dalwhinnie and was at the bunkhouse by 8. The restaurant had closed at 7, however, so I cooked myself supper from my surplus supplied, and then went and had a word with Ron about the small matter of a kilo of old metal which I really didn't want to be lugging across Scotland with me the rest of the way. Ron was happy to look after my coins fro me until I could come back to collect them, so all was well and I turned in to sleep a happy man!

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