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Friday, 26 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 1: Oban to Taynuilt (4)

The East end of the break in the trees was right at the point where the track I had been intending to walk emerges from the woods; so my unplanned route diversion had saved me about a kilometer and a half of walking in the track through the woods. Whether it was any quicker, though, is debatable, due to the broken nature of the ground. I suppose that all depends upon the quality of the track through the woods. Or perhaps it doesn't. After all, I couldn't GET to the track through the woods.

I sat a while on a little seat, looking South West over the little unnamed lochan, and I took a glug and a breather. Then I resumed my walking, back on my route once again. The track round the south flank of Cnoc Mor (pictured) was well made and easy walking, and I was very happy with my route choice. This was far better than walking the roads through Glencruitten.

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