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Monday, 29 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 5: Killin to Fortingall (13)

Visibility for the descent was very poor, but every so often the cloud cleared just sufficiently for me to see Lochan nan Cat down below to my right. This photo also reveals something else which was beginning to trouble me: the snowfields on my right, with lethal-looking cornices. They had never actually obscured the path, but their very presence made me uncomfortable. What if I were to encounter a similar snow field on that tricky technical descent on the far side of An Stuc?

A further, troubling development was that as I descended the wind was steadily increasing. It was coming from the West - my left - and that meant that the tricky technical descent of An Stuc, with its possible snow fields, would have to be attempted in poor visibility and a cross-wind. This was a daunting proposition indeed!

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