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Sunday, 28 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 4: Tyndrum to Killin (6)

Lochan Chailean was soon in view, and we aimed off at the far end. This was good "heads up" nagivation by sight. Look at where you want to go, read the ground between you and there, and choose the best line to get you there! Before long we were at the shielings, and here we paused for lunch. I was concerned that I was carrying more food than I was using, so I offered to share my soups with John. He gratefully accepted a chicken mulligatawny, whilst I had ham and split pea. We both got our stoves out to heat them up, and here I found another issue with my kit which needed to be addressed. When I tried to light my stoves, I found that all of my matches (including my storm matches!) were too old, and they simply would not light. Eventually I gave up, and lit one by introducing it to the flame of John's stove. But I should definitely need to sort out some resupply before I used my stove again! I made a mental addition to my resupply shopping list: batteries for the GPS and matches for the stove!

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  1. Try a fire-steel, I've been up using one for 7-8 years, they're excellent.