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Monday, 29 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 5: Killin to Fortingall (9)

As I descended to the lowest part of the traverse between the two Munros - which has a charming little lochan (scarcely more than a puddle, really) which is not shown on the map - I dropped out of the cloud; and the cloud base did indeed seem to be lifting a bit. I could see clear nearly all the way to the summit, and only the highest reaches of Ben Lawers were swathed in mist.

This is, so often, the way in the Scottish mountains. As the day progresses and the air warms up, the cloud base lifts. You can set out on the ascent of a mountain which is completely shrouded in cloud, and be walking in next to zero visibility for the first half of the ascent; but the cloud base is lifting faster than you can climb, and suddenly you are out of the cloud, and the mist ahead of you just melts away to reveal the most amazing vistas as you approach the summit. You just have to be bold enough to set out despite the cloud cover to experience such days in the mountains; and today was now looking as though it would turn into one such day!

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