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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 2: Taynuilt to Dalmally (16)

I reached the Dalmally Hotel just after 7. Last orders for dinner were taken at 8. If I'd done that second Munro, would I have been down in time to place my order? I somehow doubt it ... although I might have been able to sweet talk them into cooking for me anyway, if the chef was in a good mood.

I had a bath, I gave them my laundry to do, and I phoned in to Challenge control. My call was answered by Ali Ogden. When I mentioned meeting Sue Oxley, and Sue saying "You're coming from the wrong direction", Ali said "I remember saying that to you last year." Well, I couldn't let such a blatant inaccuracy pass, so I had to correct her. "No you didn't," I said. "Sue said I was COMING FROM the wrong direction; whereas YOU said I was GOING IN the wrong direction."

I do think it's so important to get these things right ...

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