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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 3: Tyndrum to Dalmally (8)

I reached the car park and stopped for lunch. There were some nice picnic tables there, so I sat at one and took my boots off to let my feet breathe a little. There were also some rather troubling signs, of which this was one, warning of diversions on the Ben Lui mountain access due to forestry works. I didn't know if the path I was planning to follow was the Ben Lui mountain access or not. I tried to reconcile my map to the maps they had posted showing the diversion, but I was unable to be clear. The problem was that their map presupposed that you knew which path was the Ben Lui mountain access, and I did not.

Well, no matter. I was sure I'd find a way through OK one way or another. So I finished my lunch, put my boots back on, and followed the path along the bank of the river.

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