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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 2: Taynuilt to Dalmally (7)

Along the shores of Loch Etive we stopped frequently to take advantage of the many photo opportunities it offered. I have never been particularly good at landscape composition, but I seem to take my best landscapes where water is involved (and I'm not talking about rain here ...). This is probably the best of my Loch Etive compositions.

When we reached the bridge over the River Noe (surely that ought to be the title of a film ... sort of a cross between a tale of prisoners of war and a James Bond action movie) we crossed, and then Ray turned left while I turned right. Quite WHY Ray turned left, I don't know ... because to reach the Loch Etive shore track he should have turned right like me, and THEN turned left at the Glennoe steading. Still ... we all love it when our navigational errors on clearly defined tracks get written up in other people's blogs, don't we? So I thought I'd just mention it!

Alone again, I followed the track past the Glennoe steading and up Glen Noe for a bit, and then turned left. Now began my first serious ascent of the crossing ... following the stream up behind Creag an Fhithich, then following the Allt nan Gillean up onto the Aonac Breac ridge, and so to Beinn a' Chochuill, my first Munro of the crossing.

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