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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 2: Taynuilt to Dalmally (5)

Ray and I walked together past the smokery, and then through a car park where we saw this wonderfully turned-out Massey Fergusson 35. Ray couldn't understand why I was quite so excited about it, and wasn't prepared to wait for too long while I examined it; but he was at least prepared to wait while I took a quick photo or two.

Now, the thing about this Massey 35 is not that it is the best turned-out example you will ever see. If you go to your local agricultural show, you will probably see several far tidier examples, lovingly restored and kept in gleaming condition by their proud owners. But those tractors never do a stroke of work any more. They live under shelter, and get taken to the agricultural shows on a trailer or a low loader. They drive a few laps of the show ring and then come home again. Whereas THIS tractor ... well, you can SEE straight away that it is a WORKING tractor. And I very much doubt you will see such a tidy example of a WORKING Massey 135 again in a hurry. And THAT is why I got so excited about it!


  1. You and Alan R need to get together to talk tractors!