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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The 2016 Challenge, day 6: Picking up the Pieces (3)

We walked on the roads as far as the Keltneyburn Smithy, where they specialize in making the most amazing sculptures out of scrap matierals and salvage. This horse really caught my eye. Totally impractical to buy it and carry it with me, of course - but I did ponder asking about buying it, then driving up in the horse box to fetch it back! Hmmmmmmmm ...

We had a good look around the forge, admiring the various creations, and then continued on our way. We went through Coshieville to Tirinie in the Appin of Dull, and then we took the path down to the river Tay which we followed all the way to Aberfeldy. The map doesn't show this path - but it is there alright!

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