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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 13: Glen Lethnot (10)

After lunch I followed the track for a while, but then it turned away to the left and headed back West. I presumed it probably descended to the Water of Saughs and made a ford at some point. But I didn't know how far that would be, nor how easy it would be to make the crossing on foot. These tracks often lead to fords which are fine if you are in a hefty 4x4 with a breather snorkel fitted, but not necessarily so good for a lone walker. At the foot of the Shank of Donald Young, however, the map showed a footbridge; and this was what I was going to head for. So I turned off the track, and continued down the ridge line, which afforded me some pretty impressive views down Glen Lethnot towards Waterhead, such as the one in the photograph.

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