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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, Postscript (2)

Montrose Bay was beautiful ... but I was getting hungry. So I wandered back into St Cyrus and spent some time chatting with the school crossing patrol warden (or "lollipop man" as we always used to call them) - himself a veteran of three Challenges, as it turns out! Then, as soon as the café was open, I ordered myself some bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I watched the road like a hawk while I was eating, but Alan and Lucy did not pass by. Then I returned to my clifftop vigil, until a light breeze began to blow off the sea. Finally, I returned to the church and sat in the sunshine on the grass outside, looking back along the road towards St Cyrus. At playtime the children gathered by the playground fence and called to me ... telling me it wasn't summer yet (so? I was enjoying my sunbathing!) ... but still there was no sign of Alan and Lucy.

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