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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 12: Lochcallater Lodge to Glen Clova Hotel (15)

We reached the Glen Clova Hotel at 4.40, and I made my last phone-in of the Challenge. The attrition rate stood at 40 retirements with 3 non-starters - the same as in 2013 - but there were still one or two struggling on with blisters who might yet have to retire. A shame, so close to the end; but if you cannot continue, there is not much that you can do.

I arranged to have supper with Vic and Nic; and when Alan and Lucy arrived, they agreed to join us, too. Two further Challengers who were staying at the hotel, though offered the chance to join us, preferred to dine by themselves.

Alan and Lucy were staying in the bunkhouse, where toiletries are not provided; but there were rather more complimentary toiletries in my room than I required for my own personal use, so I readily yielded to Lucy's plea that I let her have any lotions and potions that were surplus to my requirements. I enquired how her leg muscles were, and was gratified to learn that the stretches had made all the difference. Her legs were nowhere near as tight as they had been, and they were not in need of a massage. So I'd been carrying the additional weight of oils unnecessarily ... oh well!

The hotel is under new management, and the new proprietor is a chef who relished the challenge of putting something together for me to eat. I had a goats' cheese starter, followed by a venison casserole, followed by water melon balls, with a jolly good bottle of wine which I shared with Alan and Lucy. Then I went for a stroll in the last of the evening light, before turning in and enjoying the enveloping embrace of my hotel bed.

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