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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 14: Going to sea (4)

Turning left out of the Panmuir Arms, I passed the little village post office, and then turned left down the path that leads (according to a sign on the wall of the post office) to Gassy Brae, Shakkin Brig, North Esk Water, River Walk and Picnic Area. A further sign a little way down, obscured by foliage, announced Vehicles Not Advised, and Toilets at Edzell Muir. I have no idea where Edzell Muir actually is - because it is not marked as such on the map - but I saw no sign of any toilets.

The path descends steeply to the river, and there is a good grassy area - which I presume to be the picnic area - to the right. It looks to me as though it might helpfully double up as a camping spot in the event that there is no room at the inn in Edzell. There is also a little sandy beach on the shores of the river. But to get to Shakkin Brig, it is necessary to turn left before the beach is reached.

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