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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge: Postscript (1)

The old man pointed me to a standpipe and I washed the mud off my boots (oh! The joys of Goretex!). Then I started to think about my overnight accommodation. The campsite I had hoped to use didn't look too inviting; but there is a hotel in St Cyrus and this wasn't too far away. So I set out for St Cyrus, and got a lift for the last couple of miles (I had finished now, so this was allowed).

I got to the hotel in St Cyrus and enquired about rooms. They were full. Oh well, I said, never mind: I'll have a meal and a few drinks, then I'll wander down towards the beach and camp there. No need, said one of the other drinkers at the bar: I've a back lawn where you're welcome to put your tent up. Come to that, says the landlord, I've got a beer garden out back. So I ended up camped in the beer garden of the St Cyrus hotel; and very pleasant it was too.

I woke up at about 5 in the morning and knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. So I packed everything away and wondered what to do. I knew Alan and Lucy were due to finish at St Cyrus today, and I thought it might be nice to welcome them to the finish. It would also be possible that I would then be able to cadge a lift to Montrose - always assuming that a Panda 4x4 has enough room for three adult passengers and their rucksacks. So I headed out up the beach road and waited for them at the top of the cliffs, where the early morning light allowed for some wonderful photography.

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