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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 13: Glen Lethnot (15)

I resumed walking with no fleece or waterproof: my base-layer T-shirt was quite sufficient, given the warmth of the day. I did, however, wear my Havelock to keep the sun off my neck, and this is how I walked for the remainder of the day.

Beyond the junction, the track was a better surface still. The glen was beautiful, and I made steady progress until I reached the car park at Waterhead. Here I stopped to chat with a gentleman who had driven up to walk his dogs, and he kindly shared what water he had with me. It would not be long before I could not rely on water taken from burns any more, so I needed to start thinking about stewardship of what I had.

Beyond Waterhead, my route card said that I would take the path between Tamhilt and Craig Duchrey to Craigendowie; but I could not see the way down to the bridge at Blackhaugh, and neither could I see any evidence of a path as I looked across the river at the hillside. Furthermore, at this point in the Challenge, the idea of another ascent effort of 200 metres or so, just to save perhaps 4 kilometres of distance and avoid a bit of road walking didn't really hold out all that many attractions. I might as well just go around by road; and so I did.

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