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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 12: Lochcallater Lodge to Glen Clova Hotel (6)

Once I had the low mound that is Cairn Bannoch in sight (renascent needed for this particular Munro: 60 metres!) I turned off the path and made a bee-line for it; however, I quickly found a trodden path and followed this. As I did so, I reflected on the fact that it was a fine day, and I had never descended Jock's Road into Glen Doll in fair weather. In 2000 I had diverted to descend the Glittering Skellies, whilst in 2013 I had been racing down in order to beat the deteriorating weather and falling cloud base. Furthermore, I had been over Cairn Bannoch and Broad Cairn before, when I had walked the Lochnagar horseshoe (albeit in atrocious weather, with no visibility) but I had never been over Fafernie. So on a whim I decided to abandon my planned route along the Broad Cairn ridge to the pony stable, and instead to go to Fafernie, descend the Knaps of Fafernie, and join Jock's Road on Crow Cragies. I suspected that Alan and Lucy would have beaten me to the top of Jock's Road, but as they were planning on lingering on the plateau to do a couple of Munros, I suspected that I might see them on the skyline or something.

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