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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 9: Dalwhinnie to Ruigh-aiteachain (15)

It was not yet 5pm, and I was only half a kilometer from my overnight stop. It was still raining, and I wasn't keen on making camp right now. My overnight stop was chosen as a good jumping-off point for the ridge South of the Geldie, with its two Munros and two Corbetts. But I didn't want to be on that ridge in low cloud and bad weather; and the forecast was for low cloud and bad weather. If I woke up to more of the same, then I should not be going up onto that ridge. Instead, I should be turning around, dropping into Glen Feshie, fording the Feshie, and walking the Feshie - Geldie link again. If I resigned myself to doing that anyway, I thought, then I might as well head down into glen Feshie this evening. There is, after all, a bothy in Glen Feshie. With a toilet. Not only that, but if I was at Ruigh-aiteachain tonight, then tomorrow I could put in a big day (distance-wise, but with very little climb) and make it all the way through to Braemar. Stop at the Youth Hostel rather than camping near White Bridge. And have an effective day off in Braemar, before making the easy run up to Lochcallater Lodge late in the evening. This sounded like a plan. So I turned left rather than right, and headed down past Lochan an t-Sluic and into Glen Feshie.

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