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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, Postscript (3)

Eventually, two walkers came into view. They were obviously Challengers. Equally obviously, though, they were not Alan and Lucy. They had, however, been at North Water Bridge camp site the night before; and they had news of Alan and Lucy. Arriving at North Water Bridge at 5 in the afternoon they had, apparently, decided to crack on and get finished. So they had finished the night before ... probably about the time I was finishing my third pint of the evening.

I thanked the two for this news and, as there was no longer any good reason for hanging about in St Cyrus, I returned to the main road and caught a bus into Montrose. I signed in at Challenge Control, and I renewed a number of acquaintances. Then I collected my antler and went to my room to make myself presentable.

The Friday night dinner was most enjoyable; and I retired for the night feeling well refreshed and in good spirits.

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