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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 9: Dalwhinnie to Ruigh-aiteachain (16)

I crossed the Feshie at the vehicle ford - the same place I had crossed it last year. This was, obviously, a trousers-off cold-plunge river crossing; and BOY was it cold! At its deepest the water came to mid-thigh; but for most of the way it was only just above my knees. And the flow was not all that fast, so the force of the water was not sufficient to have any fears for my safety.

Arrived at the far bank, I contemplated staying in my sandals and not bothering with socks; but it was nearly a kilometer to the bothy, and too far to go in bare feet with an expedition pack on my back. However, I decided to treat myself to fresh socks. If I'd walked less than a kilometer in them today, I wouldn't mind putting them back on tomorrow morning. And so I turned left, and headed downstream to Ruigh-aiteachain.

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