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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 13: Glen Lethnot (5)

I saw a herd of deer on the skyline, and reached for my camera. As I did so, they saw me, and began running. I used extreme digital zoom, and the quality of the picture suffers a little for it. But I got a picture of them.

Shortly after taking this picture, I came to a fence. I heaved my rucksack over it, clambered over myself at a good solid fence post, and sat a while to have a glug. I had been warned that I might encounter deer fences, electric fences, and other troublesome obstacles in these hills. I had intended to make myself a pair of electric fence neutralisers to bring with me, but I had not got around to it. Fortunately, however, this turned out to be the last fence that I should have to climb without the benefit of a stile.

Beyond the fence, I continued my ascent; but fairly quickly I spotted the line of a track making its way up the same slope a little to my left, so I headed across to it.

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