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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The 2014 Challenge, day 10: Feshie - Geldie again (11)

... and took a breather beside the path, before pressing on down to the Linn of Dee.

The father / daughter dynamic between Alan and Lucy was interesting to observe, to say the least. In the early stages of the Challenge, apparently, Lucy had been teasing the old man for his lack of pace ... but now she was suffering a bit, and the boot was on the other foot as it were. She was discovering that a 14-day expedition is a very different proposition from a 3-day expedition, and that the tortoise most definitely has the advantage over the hare.

As for me ... well, I had a dilemma, didn't I? I could see the obvious need for male solidarity here. One old man rallying to the support of another. Only, I don't think of myself as an old man yet. Or at least, I try not to. So rallying to the side of youth seemed the more sensible option. At the end of the day, I decided a bit of both was maybe in order. So sometimes I sided with Alan, and sometimes with Lucy. But more with Lucy ... because it was Alan who professed to find occasion for mirth in my (eminently sensible) choice of underwear ...

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