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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The 2012 Challenge, Day 10: A Stroll into Braemar (1)

Monday 21 May was another bright, sunny morning. I enjoyed breakfast, struck camp, and was walking by 8.45. I had taken a little sunburn the day before, on my arms and neck, and I decided that I had better wear my havelock to keep the sun off my neck today. It is intended as a waterproof, but it serves just as well as a sunproof and, not being lined for warmth, it is not too hot.

White Bridge to Braemar is not a hard day's walking - but that was fine by me. I wanted to get settled in to my B&B and get some laundry done. I needed to visit the outdoor shop and sort out some kit replacements (one of my map cases - the one I used to carry all my "spare" paperwork - was falling apart and needed replacement; my boots were beginning to look as though they could do with another coat of wax; and my ancient and much-loved waterproof mittens had finally proved on Stormy Sunday that they could no longer be relied upon to keep hands dry ... so after 18 years' service, it was probably time to retire them and buy some replacements). However, even with the desire to reach Braemar while shops were still open, i knew that I could afford to amble at an easy pace and enjoy the sunshine while it lasted.

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